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3K+ Skin Prep


3K+ Mānuka Clinicals Skin Prep is a gentle alternative to traditional Chlorhexidine in the aesthetic environment. Pre & post-procedure antiseptic cleanser. A skin prep that’s actually good for your patients skin…


Product Description

What is 3K+ Skin Prep?

Developed and trialled in partnership with leading appearance medicine professionals. 3K+ Skin Prep is designed to support clinical treatments and enhance patient outcomes. Smartly formulated with an elevated user experience. 3K+ Skin Prep will help to reduce infection risk, encourage healing and recovery, and work to promote optimum skin health.

  • Innovative formula, developed and proven to demonstrate superior efficacy.
  • Safety, maximum protection and faster recovery to healthy skin.
  • As effective as 4% Chlorhexidine
  • (TGA disinfectant test)
  • Cost effective (treats up to 120 patients per bottle, 50c per patient)
  • Good for skin.

3K+ Skin Prep leaves residual bio-actives on the skin ensuring procedural inoculation with every injection. 3K+Skin Prep is formulated to be absorbed into the skin and works as a mini lactic peel. One bottle of 3K+ Skin Prep ensures coverage for approx 120 patients.

3K+ Mānuka Clinicals Skin Prep Benefits

  • Your natural in clinic, pre & post treatment infection control solution
  • Use pre & post procedure to remove dirt, excess oil & unclog pores
  • Gentle alternative to traditional chlorhexidine in the aesthetic environment
  • Provides strong antimicrobial protection
  • Promotes skin barrier repair and wound healing
  • Non-toxic & non allergenic
  • Safe & effective
  • Cost effective for every treatment.

Clinical Results

  • Supported by independent scientific data
  • PASSED – Bactericidal and Virucidal (Eurofins AA105077)
  • PASSED – Non-toxic and non-allergenic (Eurofins AAL60244)
  • PASSED – TGA Disinfectant Test (EUROFINS AA056506)

HA Filler Treatments, Skin Boosters HA, PRP, Cosmeceuticals, Laser Treatments, Needling (the perfect slip)
1. Apply one pump of 3K+ Skin Prep to a gloved finger and distribute sparingly to the entire area.
2. Do not rinse or wipe off. Leave 3K+ Skin Prep on the area during treatment ensuring procedural inoculation with every injection.
3. Post treatment apply 3K+ sparingly to protect and heal treated areas.

MINT Mono Threads & Mint Lifting Threads
1. Apply one pump of 3K+ Skin Prep before the treatment to clean and disinfect the skin.
2. Remove / wipe off the 3K+ Skin Prep to ensure no slippage on the skin.
3. Complete MINT Mono / Lifting thread treatment.
4. Post treatment, apply one pump of 3K+ Skin Prep to gloved finger and apply to treated area to clean.

3K+ Skin Prep can be used to slick back hair to prevent hair from entering your entry openings when doing Mint Lift Threads treatments.

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