Vivacy’s range of medical aesthetic products are designed and manufactured in France by an expert team of scientists. These fillers are manufactured to the highest quality.

VIVACY Laboratories have more than 20 years experience working with hyaluronic acid fillers and have sold over 9 million syringes worldwide. This range of hyaluronic acid fillers is available in 75 countries around the world.

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The VIVACY timeline


Creation of Laboratories VIVACY in Paris, France


Launch of Aesthetics range


Launch of Gynecology range


Opening of new production site in Archamps, France


Launch of Dermocosmetics range


Opening of Geneva Subsidiary


Launch of an innovative RFID-based product authenticity method, VIVACY Security®


Launch of a new generation injection delivery system, BI-SOFT®


Opening of London and Moscow Subsidiaries


Extension of production site and opening of subsidiary in Warsaw

Filling and Smoothing Wrinkles

  • Correction of fine lines and superficial wrinkles (crow’s feet, glabellar frown lines, perioral lines)
  • Tear trough treatment under the eye
  • Filling of medium to deep naso-labial folds, smoothing of wrinkled and sagging areas, marionette lines, cheek wrinkles, hollow temple area, nasal hump reduction or nasal tip lift, earlobe reshaping
  • Hand rejuvenation including volume loss treatment on the back of the hands

IPN-Like Technology accurately defines each product’s viscoelastic properties. The elastic and viscous components allow the gel to obtain the desired properties: ability to lift, mechanical support and ease of spreading

Facial Remodelling and Volume Restoration

  • Restoration of lost facial volume
  • Restoration of facial contours
  • Cheekbone area augmentation
  • Treatment of mild to severe facial ptosis (skin sagging)

As we age, it’s not only wrinkles that make the face look less attractive, it’s also loss of volume. Loss of volume is one of the most evident forms of facial ageing. It’s caused by gravity, bone remodeling, subcutaneous fat redistribution and loss, hormonal imbalance, chronic solar exposure, smoking and other contributing factors.

We recommend volumisers specifically designed to restore facial volume lost over time. This restoration aims to provide a more harmonious balance to your facial features, by recontouring the cheeks, cheekbones, chin and jawline. This provides for a fuller, softer and more youthful appearance.

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EnVogue is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for the latest products from Vivacy Laboratories in France.

  • Designed and Manufactured in France
  • Developed by experts in aesthetics and manufactured to the highest quality
  • Offering you a range of high quality medical aesthetic products

VIVACY Laboratories has been working with aesthetic products  for over 15 years. They have sold millions of treatments during this time, producing high patient and practitioner satisfaction.

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